Changed location

I succeeded:
outdoor working and living
from Utrecht to Beekbergen

new address:
Hietveldweg 25
7361 AB Beekbergen
+31 55 5061395

Current projects

  • aanvragen Subsidie Instandhouding Monumenten (SIM)

thumb DSC 7147Landgoed Holthurnsche Hof

aanvragen Subsidie Instandhouding Monumenten (SIM)

“Anyone who has a heart for landscape, country-seats, parcs and economic values  wants to bring these elements together in harmony.

Albers Advising is specialized in giving advice to bring all these elements together, because there are a number of ways  to combine 2 extreme’s, such as preserve and renew and

Albers has the possibility to bring them together.

History cannot be made, history excists.  It is only possible to do her justice by being very careful in keeping and restoring.

For preservation and visibility of the past, it is often needful to give old elements a function, to make a plan based on history that gives also the needs and wishes of today.

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